Contact your online support desk - Five recommended suggestions

Contact your online support desk - Five recommended suggestions

Have you ever had the opportunity to contact online customer support or a helpdesk? Did you find the experience frustrating? Want to know how to make sure you get the most complete resolution when you contact your online helpdesk for support? Here are five tips that you need to keep in mind when contacting your online support desk for assistance.

First, keep in mind that there is a person who will read what you have written. This means that even if you can be frustrated, confused or angry with something, it is absolutely not necessary to take it out on the person who will help you. Take a few minutes to breathe, think about the problem you have, and describe as calmly as possible.

Secondly, Describing the problem or problem, you report that you are specific and detailed. It is not enough to say I can not log in; This does not work; I did not get my download link; Or was my order? These statements are completely too vague and will require the support person request more information, which is a waste of time for both of you.

Third, If the problem requires troubleshooting or replicating the problem, take time to describe what you did (or not) before contacting the support display. And include your operating system (which version of Windows you have if you are using a computer or if you are using a Mac). Providing this type of information can be very useful as it helps to facilitate a faster response, especially if you document all that leads to contacting the support coverage. Show that you did everything in advance, and let the support person handle the rest with the information you provide.

Fourth, If you decide to cancel a product or service, provide some type of feedback or reason for your cancellation request. Although it may have been a money back or no questions asked, if there was a problem with the product or service, please let the product owner or service provider know. Your feedback may be useful in making adjustments for future customers.

Fifth, Do not and never assume that your cancellation request includes an automatic refund. Request a refund if it is within the repayment period. Similarly, do not expect to be refunded if you forgot to cancel within a certain timeframe. For example, if the offer was for a 14 or 30-day trial period, and you do not want to be charged, but you forget to cancel before the end of the trial period, There is no valid reason to request a refund. It is your responsibility to cancel so that you will not be charged. Product owners or service providers are not obliged to give you a refund because you forgot to cancel before you were billed.

If more people would consider these few simple suggestions before contacting their online support desk, the experience will be less frustrating for both the customer and the support person. Remember, the customer wants the correct answer, but you must first ask the correct question to get the right solution.

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